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Valley Community Healthcare Assumes Operation of Student Health Center At Los Angeles Valley College

On August 26, 2019, at the start of the Fall Semester, Valley Community Healthcare (VCH) began offering expanded medical services to 27,000 enrolled LA Valley College students at the on-campus Student Health Center. Students who pay their $11 Health Fee have access to no cost services including general medicine, mental health counseling, reproductive health testing and management, and screening for various diseases. They also have the opportunity to explore eligibility and enrollment into insurance coverage for themselves and family members to receive general medicine, women’s health, prenatal and pediatric care, and dental and optometry services at the VCH North Hollywood Center located a mile away.

At the Grand Opening Ceremony on Friday September 13, 2019, Paula Wilson, VHC’s President/CEO greeted supporters and friends and stated, “The new partnership with LAVC reflects VCH’s core values to respond to the changing needs of our community, while enhancing relationships with organizations, businesses, foundations, and community leaders who share our vision of high quality health care for all.”

For fifty years, VCH has provided the under-insured and impoverished residents of the San Fernando Valley with easy access to affordable, quality health care. VCH serves over 25,000 patients at two clinical centers in North Hollywood and North Hills, and a school-based clinic at J.F. Kennedy High School. An Adolescent Health specialist leads efforts to address the unique health and emotional needs of children as they mature through adolescence into adulthood, and specially trained health educators work extensively in local high schools, youth shelters, continuation schools, group homes, and directly with pregnant and parenting teens to provide important health information. “At VCH we take a whole-person approach to managed care, and patients have the benefit of receiving a full array of health care services in a medical home that is culturally sensitive and confidential,” said Eduardo Gonzalez, Deputy Director/COO.

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The mission of Valley Community Healthcare is to improve the health and wellbeing of our community by providing high-quality comprehensive healthcare services regardless of ability to pay.

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