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The Value of Women’s Health and Prenatal Services

Women often forget about some of the health issues they might experience during their busy days working and caring for their families. But our team at Valley Community Healthcare wants you to recognize how essential your healthcare needs are. Our North Hollywood health clinic provides many health services for women. We serve women with all their unique medical needs, including preventative screenings.

Regular Screenings

All women in the North Hollywood area will require routine screenings to ensure they aren’t at risk of certain medical concerns. A cervical cancer screening is recommended every three years before ages 25 to 49 or every five years after that. Breast cancer screenings are also encouraged every two years. At Valley Community Healthcare, we can assist you with these essential screenings. Routine checks can confirm your health or identify concerns we can treat before they become worse.

General Exams

Women will require routine exams at a Valley community clinic for their safety. We at Valley Community Healthcare recommend you complete a routine exam once a year if you’re over 50, or every three years if you’re under 50 and are in good health. You’ll also require regular exams more often if you have consistent health issues, regardless of your age. Our experts at our North Hollywood health clinic can help you review your physical needs.


Diabetes Screening

Women are often at risk of diabetes, especially as they age. Diabetes can be dangerous to anyone’s life, as it can cause nerve damage and may cause excess weight gain. We can provide diabetes screenings to monitor your blood sugar and general health to identify if you require extra support.


Prenatal and Pregnancy Services

You can also trust us at Valley Community Healthcare when looking for a prenatal and pregnancy care center. We provide routine monitoring services during pregnancy to confirm one’s physical needs and to ensure the safety of the mother and child. We will be with you for every step of the pregnancy.


Every woman in North Hollywood deserves the best physical care. Our professionals at Valley Community Healthcare will be there for every need you hold. Routine exams can make a world of difference in your life, especially if you’re at risk of certain concerns.

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