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Have a Telehealth Appointment?

Be sure to check your phone, computer or tablet for Telehealth visit compatibility. We highly recommend doing so before your first visit to avoid any technical problems at the time of your visit.

Telehealth Keeps You Healthy And Safe

Our patients’ safety and continued access to quality medical care and emotional comfort is our top priority. Telehealth is the way VCH offers virtual appointments that allow you to speak to a provider on the phone or with a video chat and need only come to the clinic for essential in-person visit. Patients save time and a trip to the clinic as they are able to speak to a provider from the comfort of their home or workplace. Our Call Center operators help you make the right kind of appointment to suit your needs.

Prepare for Your Visit

How to Join Your Telehealth Visit

FAQs & Troubleshooting

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What you need for your appointment

  1. Active email account
  2. Strong Internet or WiFi connection
  3. Computer, Laptop, or Smartphone with Audio & Video Capability

Preparing For Your Telehealth Visit

  • Write down any questions you have for your provider
  • Have your vitals log, lab results and medications on hand
  • Have support contact info in case you have technical difficulties
  • Switch on your devices and test the audio/video connections
  • Place your camera at eye level
  • Unmute your device and turn up the volume
  • Sit in front of a plain background
  • Make sure the light behind you is not too bright or room is not too dark
  • Find a quiet, private space or room where you will not be disturbed

How to Join Your Telehealth Visit

Find the email or text with visit link


Complete intake and consent form

Make co-pay if asked

Click JOIN VISIT button

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of connection do I need to have a Telehealth Visit?

You will need either a strong, private Wi-FI connection or a 4G LTE cellular connection.

Remember, if you do not have strong internet or cellular connection, your video or audio quality may not be ideal.

What devices and browsers are supported for Telehealth Visits?
OTTO Health is supported on Google Chrome, Safari, & Firefox browsers.
How much does a Telehealth Visit cost?

Telehealth visits vary in cost. Please talk with your practice for additional information about visit costs. 

How do I join and end a Telehealth Visit?

Joining your visit:

Look for the confirmation or reminder emails from OTTO Health containg your secure visit link. Click the JOIN VISIT button to see your provider.

Ending your visit:

When you are finished with your visit, click END VISIT to wrap things up.


Why can't I see/hear myself or my provider?

Chances are your device or browser needs to be updated, or you need to adjust the privacy settings to allow applications such as a web browser acces to your device’s camera and microphone.

Please try the test my visit link, review the Devices and Connections Guide, or contact your practice. If you are still experiencing issues reach out to the OTTO Health support team.  

Why can't I join my visit early?
Your practice has allotted an amount of time before your scheduled visit in which you are able to complete your pre-visit requirements. If you are attempting to join a little early, don’t worry. Let’s run a quick test on your device to ensure you are ready to go. If your provider joins first, and you have completed your pre-visit requirements, you will be brought to the visit-room to see your provider.

Get Help

Patient Guide

Download this printable guide for steps to join your visits, supported devices, browser, and connectivity requirements. 

Call VCH

Your provider can help you with any questions around visits, scheduling, or payments.


Call 720-510-2910 to reach the tech support team.

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