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Welcome to your new Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is the confidential online connection to your medical home. The new and improved portal makes it simple for patients to ask questions about their health, access their medical records, and track appointments.
Save your time, use the portal!

What are the new features and benefits?

  • Patient friendly
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Manage your appointment – no need to wait on hold – save your time!
  • Send a secure message to your care team
  • View your test results
  • View your patient plan
  • Access to your health record 24/7
  • Request medication refills

Need Help?

For technical assistance, call 818-432-8947 or email [email protected]

For Current VCH Portal Users

If you are currently enrolled in the VCH Portal you will automatically be enrolled into the new Patient Portal.

You will get a welcome email from [email protected] portal.net explaining what you need to do. Follow the link in your email to update your account.

Step 1: Click on the SETUP MY ACCOUNT

Step 2: Select how you want to receive your pin. You will need your pin to create your account.

Step 3: Enter the PIN and complete your registration.

Thank you! You’re all set.

Save your time, use the portal!

Create an Account

For After Your Clinic Visit…

Step 1: During your next visit to Valley Community Healthcare, update your email address with the front desk. Make sure your email is unique and not used by another patient.

Step 2: After your visit, you will receive a welcome email inviting you to create your Patient Portal account.

Step 3: Click the link to start your registration.

For New Patients to the Portal…

Step 1: Call the Patient Portal helpdesk 818-432-8947 to get your PIN and start your account registration.

Step 2: Click the LET’S GET STARTED button

Step 3: Enter your email, create a password and click continue.

Step 4: Click YES if you received your PIN. If you did not receive a PIN, call the Patient Portal helpdesk.

Step 5: Choose to create an account for MYSELF or for a CHILD or DEPENDENT.

Step 6: Enter the required information and click CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

Thank you! You’re all set.

Save your time, use the portal!

How to Use the New Patient Portal

Can’t find your answer here? Call the help desk at 818-432-8947 or email [email protected]

Schedule An Appointment
  1. Log into your account and select Schedule an appointment
  2. Select your clinic location; North Hills, or North Hollywood
  3. For Provider General Appointment is automatically inserted
  4. For Appointment Type Office Visit is automatically inserted
  5. Write in the text box the reason for your visit
  6. Choose the best times for your appointment.
  7. Click the Request Appointment button.

Your appointment request goes to your Care Team.

Send a message to your care team
  1. Log into your account and click Send a Message
  2. On behalf of: myself /child
  3. For Practice Valley Community Healthcare is automatically inserted.
  4. For Location: Select North Hills or North Hollywood
  5. For To: select the team you want to message
    1. Clinical Questions Team 
    2. Lab Results Team 
    3. Referrals Question Team
  6. For Subject: Write a short explanation of what you need.
  7. Click the Send Message button

Check the Portal for a response within 3 business days.

Request a Refill
  1. Log into your account and click Request a refill
  2. Read the pop up alert. “You will receive a response within 3 business days”. Click continue if you agree.
  3. For select your medication: use the dropdown to select the medication you want refilled.
  4. For The Pharmacy select the pharmacy you use for your medications
  5. Click Submit

Submit a request for each additional medication.

Clinical Services

We care for family members of all ages in the same facility, improving their health and wellbeing regardless of their ability to pay.