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What’s the secret ingredient that makes VCH unique? OUR STAFF!

We plan to grow our VCH family and are looking for exceptional people to join our care teams. We make staff retention, growth, and wellness our top priorities, and we are looking for individuals:

  • Committed to serving the diverse underserved who come through our doors each year
  • Aspiring to be a part of the exciting changes within healthcare
  • Inspired by working as part of a team
  • Striving to give their best to our patients and each other

All of our staff follow Valley Way principles. What is the “Valley Way”? It’s a unique system of how we provide the patient experience. Ask us about it!

Careers at VCH

Valley Community Healthcare has been making a difference in the lives of those living in the San Fernando Valley for over 50 years!
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VCH is a deemed federal Public Health Service (PHS) employee

Full Benefits after 30 days of employment!

100% Medical, dental, and life insurance coverages

Retirement plan options with up to 4% match

Paid time off

Flexible Spending Accounts

Here's What Staff Say

“Our clinic is different because the environment here is like a family. Our patients like that we provide dental, vision, mental health and primary care all in one facility.”

Here's What Staff Say

“I am motivated by the desire to help my patients, and I feel proud when they let me know what a difference I make in their lives.”

Here's What Staff Say

“We respect one another and communicate well with one another. This makes a difference in our day to day workload and what we can accomplish.”

Here's What Staff Say

“When patients give us compliments, it is about the people who work here and the care they show them.”

Physician and Nursing Workforce Teaching & Training Program

The Need

According to data published by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), the United States could see an estimated shortage of up to 124,000 physicians by 2034, and possibly 25% of registered nurses leaving their jobs in both primary and specialty care. This shortage is more acutely felt in community health centers. In fact, HRSA (Health Resources & Services Administration) has designated Valley Community Healthcare (VCH) as a Health Professional Shortage Area.

The Solution: Teach and Train our Own Workforce!

Under the direction of Dr. Roger Peeks, VCH has partnered with Kaiser Permanente, universities, and other local programs for over three years to teach and train health care professionals who will continue their careers within community health or in working with under-served populations. These partnerships are the solution to the dire workforce shortage that we are currently experiencing and anticipate will continue for many years to come.

Over the next 5 years beginning in 2022, VCH plans to proctor, teach and train at least 65 health care professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners and registered nurses. Once licensed, the potential patients seen is approximately 90,000 by professionals who continue their careers in community health. VCH’s teaching and training program can be duplicated at other community clinics.

The professional health care workforce shortage is becoming perilous. Those that need the most care will be the most at risk. Teaching and training at every level is the solution. Our future is our workforce

Roger A. Peeks, MD

Medical Director of Strategic Development

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses – Looking to complete your clinical hours?

For more information about participating in the Physician and Nursing Workforce Teaching & Training program please contact Dr. Roger Peeks.

High-Quality Healthcare for All

The mission of Valley Community Healthcare is to improve the health and wellbeing of our community by providing high-quality comprehensive healthcare services regardless of ability to pay.

Patient Information

We empower patients to take responsibility for, and share in, decisions regarding their health status, forming a partnership between patient and healthcare provider.

Make a Difference with VCH

Your gift to Valley Community Healthcare ensures that we can create little miracles every day, so our patients won’t need big miracles to stay alive and well.

Clinical Services

We care for family members of all ages in the same facility, improving their health and wellbeing regardless of their ability to pay.