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During Women’s History Month, VCH Acknowledges Olga Duran, Director of Patient Services

March is the special time of year where the immeasurable impact women have made on society is commemorated. It all began with in 1908 in New York City when thousands of women united marched for better labor laws, conditions, and the right to vote. In 1975 the United Nations officially sponsored International Woman’s Day on March 8 aiming to secure social progress, full enjoyment of human rights, and participation of women.

The 20th century left an indelible mark thanks to heroic women who dared to be the voice of the voiceless and dedicated their life to help the disadvantaged.

This month VCH acknowledges Olga Duran our Director of Patient Services.

For over 25 years Olga has championed empathetic, accessible care for the tens of thousands of patients who come through Valley Community Healthcare’s doors each year. She oversees aligning and enrolling families into needed health coverage, plus helping patients to connect with resources such as food banks, the Women, Infant, Child (WIC) program and social service needs. Olga is hands-on in training staff in many departments- always putting the patient experience first. This contributed to VCH becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Prior to VCH, Olga directed a Perinatal Program for Substance Abusing women and their children. She led the Prevention Programs for the largest Anti-Gang Agency in LA County, and Developed and Implemented an Anti-Drug and Anti-Gang curriculum for at–risk youth. In her spare time, Olga worked with underserved indigent families in Mexico (Oaxacan Indians) and Guatemala, spending over 11 vacations providing medical clinics in the jungles of these countries. Olga is a hero for the path she chose, not the power she was graced with!

VCH provides high-quality comprehensive healthcare services regardless of ability to pay.

You, our friends and donors, make this all possible. Thank you so much!

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