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From the very start, Valley Community Healthcare has held true to its vision and mission—to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the whole community by providing high quality, affordable, and accessible primary care to those in need…regardless of their ability to pay. VCH is a recognized community leader and innovative agency seeking to improve how we deliver comprehensive managed care to underserved populations.

Over the decades, we increased our comprehensive medical services to provide whole-person care to every member of the family, making our agency a patient-centered medical home. The expanded services included chronic disease management, prenatal care and women’s health services. Our Child Adolescent Medicine Program (CAMP) manages the ongoing pediatric health needs of children from 0-18years. A team of Pediatricians, Family Medicine providers and Adolescent Medicine Specialists are all uniquely qualified to guide children, adolescents and parents through the physical and emotional changes that occur with maturity. When adolescents transition to adult medical care, our adult medicine providers seamlessly continue with their health management in a space familiar to them.

Because VCH takes a whole person approach to health care, we further expanded our clinical programs to include full-service dentistry and optometry, and integrated behavioral health counseling into case management. We were among the first to provide leadership in the treatment of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, and established ourselves as a major resource and service center to a vulnerable population, providing confidential testing, counseling, and treatment referrals.

In recent years, we actively supported the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that provides a health safety net to the under-insured people in our community and offers them access to medical care. When the COVID-19 virus surged through our communities, our leadership redeployed staff in all departments, including administration, to offer telehealth visits, prepare urgent patient and staff communications, coordinate with local hospitals and health agencies, and manage the hundreds of incoming COVID inquiries from patients wishing to schedule appointments at our onsite testing and vaccination clinics.

We are proud of our staff and empowered by the way they rallied to provide our patients with a safe and secure medical home; helping them navigate the shifting health care landscape, even as the pandemic impacted their personal lives. In these uncertain times, we value the dedication and commitment of our staff, the resilience of our patients, the continued support of our donors and partners. VCH reaffirms its commitment to provide accessible, affordable, comprehensive care to our community and patient population. We are in this together!

VCH History


| 500 visits


| 5000 visits


| 7000 visits


| 8,600 visits


| 20,000 visits


| 26,000 visits


| 40,000 visits


| 60,500 visits


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| 120,000 visits

North Hollywood Free Clinic opened for counseling services

Became Valley Community Clinic to reflect our expanded community reach

1st provider of HIV testing in our Valley

Valley Teen Clinic began providing pregnancy prevention services

New LA County partnership to provide primary care to the uninsured

Purchased North Hollywood/Coldwater site

Opened Pediatrics and Dental Services

Began integrated Behavioral Health Services

Became Valley Community Healthcare/ACA enrollment

Opened North Hills Health Center

Opened LA Valley College Student Health Center

High-Quality Healthcare for All

The mission of Valley Community Healthcare is to improve the health and wellbeing of our community by providing high-quality comprehensive healthcare services regardless of ability to pay.

Patient Information

We empower patients to take responsibility for, and share in, decisions regarding their health status, forming a partnership between patient and healthcare provider.

Make a Difference with VCH

Your gift to Valley Community Healthcare ensures that we can create little miracles every day, so our patients won’t need big miracles to stay alive and well.

Clinical Services

We care for family members of all ages in the same facility, improving their health and wellbeing regardless of their ability to pay.