Valley Teen Clinic

Because teens have unique and important health care needs Valley Community Healthcare created the Valley Teen Clinic program. The program provides adolescents aged 12-19 with low/no cost medical services, preventative care, and wellness education in a confidential, teen-sensitive environment.


A licensed Adolescent Medicine Specialist provides medical care and case management, and is uniquely qualified to advocate and counsel teen patients through the many physical and emotional changes, and life challenges that arise during adolescence. We provide primary care to teens seeking medical treatment and referrals to a Patient Care Team for dental, optometry, nutrition, and behavioral health services. The Teen Clinic Care Team is trained to assist adolescents as they transition from pediatric to adult health care services, and makes certain that they receive complete managed care in one place.

Specially trained Peer Providers educate other teens in realistic health issues and healthcare options, and quickly become a trusted support system. VCH Peer Providers are certified community health workers, who go through more than 100 hours of training to make sure that they provide clinically accurate information. The program offers workforce development to teens hired from the local community.

Community Health Educators provide presentations to several public high schools in the San Fernando Valley to keep teens informed about health related topics including healthy relationships, reproductive anatomy/physiology, birth control methods, sexually transmitted illnesses, and HIV/AIDS. They support community events and on campus activities that empower students to reach out to their peers to educate on health related subjects.

Valley Community Healthcare operates the largest and most comprehensive of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Wellness Centers. The North Hills Wellness Center is adjacent to the James Monroe High School campus, and provides students, their families and the community at large access to adolescent and primary care.