Testimonial from Paul Davis

We have had a Corporate Partnership with Valley Community Healthcare (VCH) since 2001, and from the outset we were “sold” on the value this organization provides to the community.  We support a lot of nonprofit organizations, but none gives us the return on investment the way Valley Community Healthcare does.   Not only do we get the satisfaction of helping such a worthwhile organization, we also receive very positive recognition.

As Corporate Partners with Valley Community Healthcare, they have far exceeded our expectations in their ability to promote us.  We have received numerous positive compliments and acknowledgements.  Our name has been noticed on their lobby sign, in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal ads, and listings in VCH publications.

We are independent insurance agents, deriving most of our income from the sale of health insurance products to individuals, companies and seniors.  Valley Community Healthcare provides health services to people we cannot usually help.  It is especially satisfying for us to give back in this way, and feel appreciated by the VCH for our contributions.  We are honored to be Corporate Partners with Valley Community Healthcare.


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